Turbo Support for Windows 10 October 2018 Update Now Available

Turbo is pleased to announce immediate availability of Turbo support for Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

All Turbo products – including Turbo VM, Turbo Client, Turbo Server, and Turbo Studio – have been updated for compatibility and application migration capability. The version number for these updates is 18.10.

This update is required for compatibility with Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Build 1809). We strongly recommend this update for all users on the latest version of Windows 10.

Turbo Client and Turbo VM will automatically update if auto updates are enabled.

The latest Turbo Client and VM are also available for download at turbo.net/download.

Turbo Studio 18.10 is available for download at turbo.net/studio/download.

Turbo Server 18.10 is available for download at: turbo.net/server/download.

Keep legacy apps running on Windows 10 with Turbo VM

With the increasing pace of Windows 10 updates, including Semi-Annual Channel updates every 6 months and Microsoft support limited to 18-month servicing periods for most releases, it is more important than ever to isolate legacy applications from the underlying operating system.

Turbo VM provides an intermediation layer that automatically mitigates incompatibilities introduced in new versions of Windows. This update continues Turbo’s 10+ year record of maintaining full application compatibility for our enterprise clients.

Need help migrating legacy applications? Contact us now

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Turbo.

Dropbox now on Turbo Drive!

Turbo is pleased to announce support for Dropbox in Turbo Drive!

The T: drive connects cloud storage services directly to Turbo applications. The T: drive works across all supported clients and does not require the Dropbox client.

To connect Dropbox, select Dropbox from the Connect dropdown on the Files tab.

Both Dropbox and OneDrive paths can be connected to a single Turbo account or workspace. Turbo also supports connection of multiple folders from a single storage service to a single Turbo workspace.

Turbo has many powerful storage customization capabilities for virtualized apps. And we’re here to help your organization use them to create the perfect storage environment for your users.

Contact us about advanced storage configuration

Turbo at Citrix Synergy in Orlando

Turbo.net will be hosting three events at Citrix Synergy in Orlando.

Whether you’re a container expert or just getting started, these briefings — one each for enterprise, higher ed, and the Citrix community — will bring you up to speed on the latest Turbo container technology for Citrix. We’ll also be previewing some exciting new developments.

And of course there’ll be drinks and food, an evening pool party, and networking with fellow Citrix professionals.

These invitation-only events are filling fast so contact your Turbo representative or DM us @turbohq soon if you’d like to attend.

Look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Turbo partners with Perinova in Germany and Switzerland

Turbo.net is pleased to announce a partnership with Perinova IT-Management GmbH of Germany.

Perinova will provide Turbo.net enterprise consulting and implementation services in Germany and Switzerland.

“Perinova has offered its clients consulting and support in the field of application virtualization for over 10 years. Perinova has years of experience working with Turbo technologies in third-party products. This new direct partnership strengthens our existing cooperation and offers our mutual customers in Germany and Switzerland access to Perinova’s unique experience and depth in Turbo containerization and application virtualization technologies.”

For more information on Perinova IT-Management, visit their web site at http://perinova.com.

If you are interested in joining the Turbo Partner Program, please contact partners@turbo.net.

Browser Sandbox now available on Mac!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Mac and cloud execution support in the Turbo.net Browser Sandbox.

The new Browser Sandbox can run containerized browsers in the cloud via an HTML5 interface that runs on any device with an HTML5-enabled web browser.

Try the new Browser Sandbox now at http://turbo.net/browsers.

You can also run browsers on your local desktop when using a compatible Windows device. Turbo.net automatically synchronizes containers between desktops and the cloud so your applications are available anywhere.

Local or Cloud

Turbo.net will automatically select the best execution option (Local or Cloud) based on your device type. To manually select an execution mode, click on the arrow on the Run button to expand run options and select the preferred execution mode.


More Browsers

The Turbo.net Browser Sandbox now provides all versions of major browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox images are automatically updated as new updates are released. Every legacy version is available for execution on demand.

Browsers can be configured with any combination of plugins and runtimes, including Java, .NET, Flash, and Silverlight.

Browser Sandbox also includes nightly Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly builds and Firefox Mobile. Containerized browsers are a easy and safe way to test and develop against non-production builds of Chrome and Firefox.


A set of popular browsers are available free to use for evaluation purposes.

Turbo.net Pro subscribers can use the new cloud functionality at no additional charge for session lengths up to 10 minutes. (Additional cloud session time available separately.)

The Turbo.net Pro subscription is just $9.95 per month and includes the ability to create customized browsers and applications, run containerized servers, use Turbo Studio, and much more.

Upgrade to Turbo.net Pro Now

We hope you enjoy this major upgrade to the Browser Sandbox!
-- The Turbo Team

Citrix Receiver Desktop Now in the Citrix Sandbox

In a previous article we introduced the Citrix Sandbox. At that time, the Citrix Sandbox contained the Citrix Receiver Web client, which runs the Receiver plugin within a browser.

We are happy to announce that the standalone Citrix Receiver is now also available in the Citrix Sandbox.

What is the Citrix Sandbox?

The Citrix Sandbox channel on Turbo.net lets you instantly run any version of Citrix Receiver.

Turbo allows multiple versions of Receiver to run side-by-side on the same desktop. This makes testing new versions of Receiver or deploying old versions to access legacy XenApp servers extremely easy.

New versions of Receiver are automatically added as they are released. The Turbo.net Citrix Sandbox works with all desktop and server versions of Windows. Turbo applications can be deployed to individual desktops and teams.

Visit the Citrix Sandbox now at https://turbo.net/citrix

Citrix Sandbox: Run any version of Citrix Receiver

The new Citrix Sandbox channel on Turbo.net lets you instantly run any version of Citrix Receiver.

Turbo allows multiple versions of Receiver to run side-by-side on the same desktop. This makes testing new versions of Receiver or deploying old versions to access legacy XenApp servers extremely easy.

New versions of Receiver are automatically added as they are released. The Turbo.net Citrix Sandbox works with all desktop and server versions of Windows. Turbo applications can be deployed to individual desktops and teams.

Go to the Citrix Sandbox now at http://turbo.net/citrix


The Citrix Sandbox is included as part of the Turbo.net Professional plan, just $9.95 per month. A free 7-day trial is available with all new accounts.

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Turbo Sponsors Chocolatey NuGet

Turbo.net is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Chocolatey NuGet project (Chocolatey.org). Chocolatey is a package manager similar to apt-get but designed for Windows.

Chocolatey is a powerful complement to Turbo Containers. Chocolatey provides scripted installs for over 3,600 Windows applications. Chocolatey scripts can be run inside Turbo to programmatically create containerized versions of any application in the Chocolatey.org system.

Detailed instructions on using Turbo with Chocolatey have been published in this blog post by Turbo’s Mateusz Polnik: Create Turbo VM Images with Chocolatey.