Browser Sandbox now available on Mac!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Mac and cloud execution support in the Browser Sandbox.

The new Browser Sandbox can run containerized browsers in the cloud via an HTML5 interface that runs on any device with an HTML5-enabled web browser.

Try the new Browser Sandbox now at

You can also run browsers on your local desktop when using a compatible Windows device. automatically synchronizes containers between desktops and the cloud so your applications are available anywhere.

Local or Cloud will automatically select the best execution option (Local or Cloud) based on your device type. To manually select an execution mode, click on the arrow on the Run button to expand run options and select the preferred execution mode.


More Browsers

The Browser Sandbox now provides all versions of major browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox images are automatically updated as new updates are released. Every legacy version is available for execution on demand.

Browsers can be configured with any combination of plugins and runtimes, including Java, .NET, Flash, and Silverlight.

Browser Sandbox also includes nightly Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly builds and Firefox Mobile. Containerized browsers are a easy and safe way to test and develop against non-production builds of Chrome and Firefox.


A set of popular browsers are available free to use for evaluation purposes. Pro subscribers can use the new cloud functionality at no additional charge for session lengths up to 10 minutes. (Additional cloud session time available separately.)

The Pro subscription is just $9.95 per month and includes the ability to create customized browsers and applications, run containerized servers, use Turbo Studio, and much more.

Upgrade to Pro Now

We hope you enjoy this major upgrade to the Browser Sandbox!
-- The Turbo Team

Dublin Turbo Containers Talk

Video from Claudio Rodrigues’s talk Introduction to Turbo Containers is now available on YouTube.

Claudio will also be giving this presentation again at future E2EVC events.

You can send feedback on this talk to Claudio at @crod.

“An Introduction to Turbo Containers” talk by Turbo founder Kenji Obata

This talk by Turbo founder Kenji Obata was given at the E2EVC conference in Las Vegas and walks through the highlights of Turbo containers.

Turbo Founder Kenji Obata on the Frontline Chatter Podcast founder and CEO Kenji Obata joined hosts Jarian Gibson and Andrew Morgan for the latest episode of the Frontline Chatter podcast.

The podcast featured topics such as the history of, differentiating from competitors in the application virtualization space, ad blocking capabilities in Turbo Containers, the future of and much more.

Kenji had a lot of fun taking part in this very successful community podcast. We hope you have as much fun listening:

Listen to A chat with Kenji Obata, Founder and CEO of at

Hands On: Turbo Containers Walkthrough on

Ryan Bijkerk offers his insight on application containers:

The application container technology promises to change the way that IT operations are carried out just as virtualization technology did a few years previously.

On different deployment options:

I like the concept of the centralized cloud hub and it can be very valuable for small start-ups. For the larger organizations Turbo offers an on-premise solution which allows you to host your own hub.

Ryan’s thoughts on getting started with

The look and feel of Turbo is very nice and after I followed the guide I managed to get it running quite quick.

In this article Ryan walks through creating a container and deploying it. The finished container can be run directly from Ryan’s article.

Read Hands-on: Turbo Containers at


Turbo at LANDESK Interchange 2016

Save the Date: On May 25th the Turbo team will be presenting at LANDESK Interchange in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this session, we’ll introduce you to the new LANDESK channel on — a way to run LANDESK client and server software instantly on any desktop VMs and quickly populate LANDESK deployments with popular applications. We’ll also demonstrate how to use containers to run legacy web browsers on Windows 10; containerize existing desktop applications for delivery with LANDESK Management Suite; and create site-specific browsers and network clients with containerized plugins, runtimes, and custom IP routing rules.

Sign up for session UEMB300: Jumpstarting LANDESK Management Suite Deployments with Containers on the EUC Podcast founder Kenji Obata and Rory Monaghan joined in on a panel discussion with the crew at the EUC Podcast along with special guests including CEO of FSLogix, Kevin Goodman and “Godfather of App-V” Tim Mangan.

The podcast featured insight about the history of containers and application virtualization, a discussion about the current state of application deployment, as well as a discussion about what the future may hold.

We were thrilled to be included in this discussion. We hope you have as much fun listening to the Podcast as we had participating:

Listen to End User Computing EUC Podcast Episode #009 at at

Having Some Fun with Turbo Containers on

Dave Brett explains the inspiration for this article:

Too often I get bogged down in the technical details of a new technology, spend an age learning and figuring out how thing will run best in an enterprise environment when sometimes its just time to have some fun!

Dave discusses resurrecting an XP favorite:

Being the age I am a lot of my professional life was spent on a Windows XP desktop. Whilst this is now out of support there are some great things that this operating system had to let us have some fun! One of those things was 3D Space Cadet Pinball!

Dave discusses deploying a Turbo container using a Citrix AppDisk:

Why not put the Turbo container into a Citrix XenDesktop 7.8 AppDisk and deploy it to all your machine catalogs, this way all your staff can enjoy a little bit of downtime whilst using a secure, easy to deliver, multi platform game in a container.

In this article Dave deploys a secure browser for his NetScaler admins to use in their Citrix environment:

Read Having some fun with Turbo Containers – Windows XP 3D Pinball at


More Great Turbo Citrix Content on

Dave Brett explains the inspiration for integrating Turbo containers with Citrix AppDisks:

I was thinking about how I could combine this with the new release of Citrix AppDisks to create a containerized application within an App Layer and attach it to my workload servers.

In this article Dave deploys a secure browser for his NetScaler admins to use in their Citrix environment:

Read Citrix XenDesktop 7.8 – AppDisks and Turbo Containers – What a combination ! at


Dave also posted a useful guide for creating an AppSense Management Center container:

Read Creating an AppSense Management Center Turbo Container at


Turbo Citrix and IP Routing Preview on

Dave Brett gives a review and introductory walkthrough of

Seriously, it took about 10 minutes from logging in to having my first delivered published app available to my users, amazing!!

Dave also provides a walkthrough of using IP routing to deploy a secure browser:

Just publish those apps on your existing XenApp or XenDesktop estate and you have some bullet proof browser deployments for your users to consume.


Read Citrix XenDesktop, Turbo, Citrix NetScaler and Network Routing Use Case at