Security Update: TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Disabled on

Today we have removed support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for HTTPS connections to TLS 1.2 is now required to use

As a result, the minimum supported browser versions are now:

  • Apple Safari 7
  • Google Chrome 30
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 27
  • Opera 17

This update improves the security of

Note that Turbo continues to support executing earlier browser versions within Turbo containers.

New Web Features: Device Management, Channels, and More

The dashboard now includes device management, improved application management panels, and a new public channel page.

Devices Table

You can now track synchronized devices on the new Devices dashboard:


Synchronized devices are assigned a unique authentication key. The OS version and Service Pack information for each device is displayed as well.

Access to installed Turbo applications can be revoked using the Remove button. Revocations take effect within 24 hours or the next time a synchronization takes place, whichever is sooner.

New Options for My Applications

The My Applications table on the dashboard Home tab now features a Customize button making it easy to quickly apply custom network routing, file and registry isolation, and version update rules.


New Actions are available, including Run, Test, Clone, and Deploy/Undeploy. The Test option lets you try out an application with an automatic delete of container state on close.

Custom application images have been moved to the Hub page.

Public Channel Page

Channels are a list of applications defined by a user or team. The channel page allows users or teams to share their application list with other users. Channels can be public or private. As an example, you might have a channel for My Debugging Tools.

The set of applications in a channel can be added in a single action by clicking the Add button:


Channel pages can be personalized with custom graphics, icons, and metadata.

Create a channel page for your favorite tools and share it with us at @turbohq!