Citrix Receiver Desktop Now in the Citrix Sandbox

In a previous article we introduced the Citrix Sandbox. At that time, the Citrix Sandbox contained the Citrix Receiver Web client, which runs the Receiver plugin within a browser.

We are happy to announce that the standalone Citrix Receiver is now also available in the Citrix Sandbox.

What is the Citrix Sandbox?

The Citrix Sandbox channel on lets you instantly run any version of Citrix Receiver.

Turbo allows multiple versions of Receiver to run side-by-side on the same desktop. This makes testing new versions of Receiver or deploying old versions to access legacy XenApp servers extremely easy.

New versions of Receiver are automatically added as they are released. The Citrix Sandbox works with all desktop and server versions of Windows. Turbo applications can be deployed to individual desktops and teams.

Visit the Citrix Sandbox now at