Having Some Fun with Turbo Containers on bretty.me.uk

Dave Brett explains the inspiration for this article:

Too often I get bogged down in the technical details of a new technology, spend an age learning and figuring out how thing will run best in an enterprise environment when sometimes its just time to have some fun!

Dave discusses resurrecting an XP favorite:

Being the age I am a lot of my professional life was spent on a Windows XP desktop. Whilst this is now out of support there are some great things that this operating system had to let us have some fun! One of those things was 3D Space Cadet Pinball!

Dave discusses deploying a Turbo container using a Citrix AppDisk:

Why not put the Turbo container into a Citrix XenDesktop 7.8 AppDisk and deploy it to all your machine catalogs, this way all your staff can enjoy a little bit of downtime whilst using a secure, easy to deliver, multi platform game in a container.

In this article Dave deploys a secure browser for his NetScaler admins to use in their Citrix environment:

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