Improved Error Handling in TurboScript provides thousands of images ready to go in the Hub. But if one of those doesn’t do the trick, TurboScript is a great way to create your own images.

In the past, TurboScript error messages were often confusing, leaving you clueless about the cause. A script may look correct but gives a parse error when executed, with no further information.

For example, could you have spotted what’s wrong in this example?

Useless Error Message
Here is another example. What equal sign is wrong and why?


The latest Turbo Client now provides much more explanatory help text for any failed command, including inline information and suggestions. Let’s retry the above examples with the newest clients.

First example: Aha, the import command needs a type specified!


Second example: Looks like the hosts command doesn’t need a equal sign:



The newest Turbo Client including error handling updates is now available on If you already have Turbo installed you will be automatically upgraded within 72 hours. Enjoy!