Publishing a drip mail for “day x”

Drip mails are a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule.

This post explains how to set up an email template for “day x” schedule.

An “day X” scheduled email gets sent X days after signup.


Drip email templates are generated based on WordPress posts like this one.
Simply edit the content as you would edit any other WordPress post:


When done, publish the post.

Tag the post with “dayX”, as in “day5”, for the drip mail that gets sent 5 days after signup.

Optionally, you can prevent the post from showing up on the homepage or category pages. There’s a plugin installed that does that, see the right hand side options when editing the post.


Preview the email that would get sent. Go to: (replace dayx with the post tag)

That’s it! When the drip mailer runs the day5 email template based on the WordPress post is sent to subscribers.