Turbo Client and VM Updates, April 25

Users will be automatically updated to the latest version of Turbo Client and VM.

New and Improved

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New! Add layers on the condition that a file or directory exists on the host system.
  • New! Portable Application EXEs work with the --startup-file and --isolate flags.

Bug Fixes

This update includes fixes for the following issues:

  • .NET Core fails to execute the dotnet run command due to a bug in the implementation of virtualized NT memory management.
  • Incorrect handling of the isolation for the FileExts registry key may cause a crash when an Open File dialog appears.
  • Portable applications built with the data synchronization option enabled fail to log in Turbo Hub Server when a non-default port is configured.
  • Data synchronization fails when the storage location path contains a backslash.
  • TurboLauncher fails to start an application from a Turbo Portal Server.

Version Numbers

The component version numbers for this release are:

  • Turbo Client: 3.33.1488.20
  • Turbo VM: 11.8.1120.13