Turbo Client and VM Updates, Februrary 15

Users will be automatically updated to the latest version of Turbo Client and VM.

New and Improved

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New! Launch applications in the Turbo.net cloud.
  • Applications launched in Turbo.net cloud can open and save files to the local disk.
  • Improved handling of directories mounted to containers with the --mount flag.
  • Turbo Client stores images to the temp folder when image storage path is read-only.
  • The turbo installi --honor-setup-info command registers all shortcuts defined in the application configuration to the Start Menu.

Bug Fixes

This update includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Some storage paths are not inherited correctly when configured for All Users.
  • The turbo uninstalli command fails when specifying an invalid image.


  • Removed --startup-file-default flag from turbo new, try, run, and start commands.
  • Removed --install flag from turbo new and run commands.

Version Numbers

The component version numbers for this release are:

  • Turbo Client: 18.2.1692.0