Turbo Client and VM Updates, October 9

Users will be automatically updated to the latest version of Turbo Client and VM.

New and Improved

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New! Support for environments that require FIPS-compliant algorithms.
  • Turbo Client now compatible with environments that use multiple drives for user profile storage.
  • Improved memory usage for Turbo and Launcher processes.

Bug Fixes

This update includes fixes for the following issues:

  • TurboScripts should fail when a batch instruction returns with a non-zero exit code.
  • Specifying the --enable-log-stream flag results in duplicate messages.
  • Using the --mount flag with a target in the %temp% folder does not work.
  • Pulling an image from the Turbo Hub may fail with an Image download failed error.
  • Uninstalling the Turbo Client may not remove configuration settings for the client.

Version Numbers

The component version numbers for this release are:

  • Turbo Client: 17.9.1635
  • Turbo VM: 17.7.1217.6