Turbo extension for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the latest browser for the Windows 10 platform. In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 1607), a browser extension feature was added to allow custom functionality to be built by third parties.

Edge support for third party extensions is very new and limited. Therefore, multiple manual steps are required to enable the Turbo Edge extension. This process should be simplified as Edge extension support matures.

Follow the steps below to enable the Turbo.net extension.

Enabling the Turbo Edge Browser Extension

Step 1: Ensure that you have the latest Turbo.net Client installed.

Step 2: Enable Edge communications to localhost via the command below:

# Run this command in an elevated, administrator command prompt
> CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a -n=Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe

All applications which are built with Windows 10 “Modern UI” architecture have disabled access to the local machine network. The Edge browser is built on this architecture so access to localhost is disabled. The Turbo.net browser extension requires communication with local services provided by the Turbo client runtime in order to allow coordination with the Turbo Sandbox Manager.

Step 3: Enable Edge browser extensions by typing about:flags into the browser’s location bar and checking the Enable extension developer features checkbox.
Once enabled, you’ll need to restart the browser.

Edge Enable Extension

Step 4: Load the Turbo.net extension by clicking on the Edge options menu dropdown and selecting Extensions.

Edge Extension Menu

This will show the Extensions menu.

Step 5: Click on Load Extensions and select the path to the Turbo.net Edge extension in the client install directory, which may be at one of the following locations depending on your environment:
a) c:\users\[user]\appdata\local\spoon\[version]\edge
b) c:\program files\spoon\[version]\edge
c) c:\program files (x86)\spoon\[version]\edge

Edge Load Extension

Step 6: Once loaded, the Turbo.net Extension will show up in the list of extensions that you have enabled for Edge. You will again need to restart your browser in order for the extension to be enabled.

Edge Turbo Extension

Step 7: Edge automatically disables extensions for the first 10-seconds when it is started. After that time a banner prompt will be shown on the bottom asking to turn them on. Click the Turn on anyway button to enable them.
Currently this step is required every time you start the Edge browser.

Edge Turn On Extension

At this point you’ll be able to use Turbo.net functionality!

Edge Running Turbo Container