Turbo Studio Update 17.7.987.21

Turbo Studio is an easy-to-use graphical editing tool for creating and editing Turbo container environments.

The Turbo Studio 17.7.987.21 update is now available at: turbo.net/studio/download.

New and Improved

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New! Support for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17035.
  • New! Turbo Studio can capture applications on systems that require FIPS compliance.
  • New! Adds compatibility for Visual Studio Code containerized on Windows 10 Creators 1709.
  • Applications built from 32-bit snapshots and executed on 64-bit operating systems can access 64-bit folders.
  • Suffixes are no longer added to ProgIDs and File Extensions during the application snapshot capture process.

Bug Fixes

This update includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Snapshot process fails to complete if a registry value name contains a newline character.
  • Application crashes when invalid parameters are passed to the RegisterClassEx function.
  • Application crashes when launched from a virtual application on Windows 10 Creators 1709.
  • Application may crash on some environments when launched from a network share due to memory corruption.
  • Snapshot process fails to complete for CorelDRAW X7 because of a bad shortcut link.

Version Numbers

The component version numbers for this release are:

  • Turbo Studio: 17.7.987.21
  • Turbo VM: 17.7.1217.18