Visual Debugging - New in Turbo July 2021 Update

Visual Debugging - New in Turbo July 2021 Update

Turbo Studio July 2021 Update introduces a powerful new integrated debugger for rapid resolution of build problems.

The new debugger provides instant insights into all aspects of application execution and permits one-click visual differencing of application sessions to isolate packaging errors.

Other improvements include:

  • The Turbo VM is updated to version 21.7.1593
  • Allow Startup Scripts to terminate the container with a non-zero exit code
  • New virtual machine settings: Trim security elevation requirements from manifests, Enable AppLocker DLL rules compatibility, Enable FIPS compatibility, Enable process name isolation, Enable non-system drive isolation, Enable network share isolation, Enable DDE message isolation
  • Support for loading fonts that are dynamically generated or in mounted folders
  • Search results in filesystem or registry viewer not brought into view
  • UI hang during long searches
  • Filesystem and registry tree view very slow to scroll when containing many child nodes
  • Error when building a configuration that was loaded from an imported image with a shim definition
  • Inconsistency in Files path hierarchy whether imported or created new
  • Disallow execution after date field not saved properly

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Turbo!