Introducing Turbo support for AWS AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets

Introducing Turbo support for AWS AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets

Turbo is excited to announce a new integration with AWS AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets.

Elastic fleets are a new deployment option on AWS's AppStream 2.0 cloud desktop service that allow applications to be hosted in the cloud at an order-of-magnitude reduction in cost relative to previous approaches. Amazon recently announced elastic fleets and has partnered with Turbo to allow customers to deploy applications on this exciting new platform.

Unlike static fleets, which require maintaining one or more live standby servers in a billable live state, elastic fleets make virtual servers available within seconds and only bill for actual usage time, not standby time. Amazon manages the capacity backing the elastic fleet so customers only provision and pay for compute that is actually used, when it is used.

Turbo instantaneously provisions applications onto elastic fleet instances, eliminating the need for any setup, gold master images, or application modifications required to enjoy the benefits of AppStream 2.0. Any application currently available on a Turbo Hub can be instantly deployed into an AWS elastic fleet.

As with all Turbo integrated publishing platforms, Turbo automatically manages application updates, dependencies, user profiles, analytics and licensing, and OS compatibility.

For instructions on configuring Turbo with Elastic Fleets, please see the new AWS deployment guide at: Deploying Turbo on AWS AppStream 2.0

For information on AppStream 2.0 pricing, see: Amazon AppStream 2.0 Pricing

We hope you enjoy the latest integration with the Turbo platform!