Turbo Studio November 2021 Update

Turbo Studio November 2021 Update

This minor update to Turbo Studio provides an updated VM engine; improved virtual process startup performance; and support for 64-bit versions of Mozilla Firefox.

This update to Turbo Studio also includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Allow items in editor panel grids to be deleted with the delete key
  • Notify when a configuration backup is present after a failed save attempt
  • Allow saving the Debugger workspace (open tabs and documents) between Debugger sessions
  • Add keyboard shortcuts in Debugger to open session logs (Ctrl+O), close the current tab (Ctrl+F4), and refresh the view (F5)
  • Update Debugger log DLL filters to include calls to LdrUnloadDll and NtCreateFile/NtOpenFile for DLL and EXE files
  • Allow Debugger Lookup Flags and Compare tool windows to be resized

This update also includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Fix xappl file associations
  • OpenWith.exe may crash when shell executing files in a container
  • Enumeration of Write Copy HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry keys can fail
  • httpUrlPassthrough setting should disallow access to virtual registry during ShellExecute
  • Exit code not returned when waitForChildOnly setting is disabled
  • Intermittent git.exe hangs in Visual Studio 2019
  • Intermittent hangs during initialization of suspended virtual processes
  • Color artifacts visible in Light color scheme
  • Error shown when adding a new value to the registry editor panel
  • Incorrect default name of Run & Merge configuration files
  • Properly environment variables in registry values during Capture or Snapshot
  • Debugger log file search queries fail when the search term contains a quote
  • Debugger tool windows left open when the main window is closed

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Turbo!