Turbo Studio September 2021 Update

Turbo Studio September 2021 Update

With the weather cooling off, check out the new Light Mode in Studio. Plus better ways to factor and debug configurations.

  • The Turbo VM is updated to version 21.9.1597
  • New! Factor Configuration tool automatically splits large configurations into launcher and data configurations
  • New! Apply Configuration debugger tool copies a configuration's contents to the local host for easier troubleshooting

This update to Turbo Studio also includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Registry symbolic links are now captured
  • Add support for v4 .reg file import
  • Allow removal of layer conditions
  • Communicate performance consequences of certain virtual machine settings
  • Improve default process name and path exclusions for Capture and Snapshot
  • Write version information to XStudio trace logs
  • Add context menu item on filesystem and registry tree view to copy a node's path
  • Add context menu item on captured process lists to see paths that came from a process

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Turbo!