Windows 10 Multi-User Support, Network Drives, DNS Load Balancing, and more

Windows 10 Multi-User Support, Network Drives, DNS Load Balancing, and more

"This update will save [us] thousands of dollars per year. Possibly tens of thousands." Plus new integrated storage, authentication, and load balancing options.

The September 2021 Turbo Server release includes several major new features:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session (Azure) is now a supported platform. Enjoy reduced cloud and licensing costs via Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Network Drives option allow administrators to automatically map network drives into sessions when streaming remote applications.
  • Network Level Authentication (NLA) and NTLM network security group policies can now be configured for remote application streaming.
  • DNS-based Load Balancing is now supported via URL Redirects configuration. This allows setting up a single URL for DNS load balancers to redirect users to the appropriate Turbo domain.
  • New Synchronize across devices and Sessions are persistent workspace application settings provide improved control over session storage

Other improvements include:

  • All selection in workspace federation allows federation of all current and future workspaces.
  • Refresh button added to the server Diagnostics Logs table.
  • Improved Status column display for long domain server status messages.
  • Images in the Hub Image Cache are now automatically deleted if the repository's revision is deleted from the Hub.
  • Added Update Cache action that manually updates the Hub Image Cache.
  • Disabling Cache Temporary User Profiles will now immediately delete temporary user profiles after logoff.
  • Reports now include application display names.
  • Notice and Consent dialog can now use Markdown formatting.
  • Added a source repository link to the workspace application settings.
  • Dashboard session details tooltip shows an expiration timer for disconnected sessions.
  • Improved HTML5 client error display when a DRM error occurs.
  • Portal Mac client download links now always download the latest package version.
  • Increased the number of default request threads in the Apache reverse proxy to support larger concurrent loads.
  • Disabled IIS trace logging by default to improve performance.
  • Portal accessibility and support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and other accessibility software has been improved to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.
  • Improved input validation on various administration and Portal site forms.
  • Updated various strings and logs on the Portal and administration sites for improved clarity

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Turbo!